Pamela McCue

Pamela McCue Pamela McCue

BSEE ’82

Pam McCue is at the helm of a high-performing defense intelligence organization that provides threat weapons assessments to support the men and women of our armed forces. Her focus is ensuring the United States Department of Defense has detailed intelligence to build effective systems, countermeasures and survivability equipment needed by our military.

McCue was born in Bessemer, Ala.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from The University of Alabama in 1982, and a master’s degree in engineering, electrical, from The University of Alabama in Huntsville in 1992. She began her government service as an engineer with the U.S. Army Missile Intelligence Agency in 1982. Since then, McCue has held various positions with the Army and the Defense Intelligence Agency as electrical engineer, senior engineer, engineering manager and senior executive. In 2007, McCue was appointed director at the Missile and Space Intelligence Center where she leads hundreds of engineers and scientists to conduct both analytic and laboratory assessments.

Throughout her career, McCue has planned, executed and directed efforts building the engineering capability to analyze intelligence information on foreign missile and space systems. These efforts involve applying complex scientific and technical methods to determine the characteristics, performance, operations and vulnerabilities of threat weapons. Analysis areas include electronics systems, missile systems, directed energy weapons and communications. Analysis methods entail signals analysis, aerodynamic assessments, integrated modeling and simulation, computational fluid dynamics, radio frequency and infrared signature assessments and high performance computing. McCue places special emphasis on delivering integrated, timely and high confidence intelligence assessments. Key U.S. Department of Defense customers of this intelligence comprise all military aircraft and aviation systems, missile defense systems and armored vehicles.

She has received various government awards during her service including recognition from the Office of the Secretary of Defense Federal Women’s Program in 2006 as the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Supervisor of the Year. McCue has also participated in and been recognized by professional organizations such as the National Defense Industrial Association, Women in Defense, National Military Intelligence Association and the Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association. She is a graduate of Huntsville Madison County Leadership. McCue is a devoted member of St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Athens, Ala., and is an active UA alumna.

McCue resides in Athens with her husband, Michael.