Stephen F. Cash

BSCE ‘81

A career in space shuttle propulsion and safety in his native Huntsville, Alabama, has taken Stephen F. Cash to great heights in his professional life.

Cash came to The University of Alabama in 1977 to play football for Coach Paul Bear Bryant on a scholarship. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1981.

His career began at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center where he worked as a stress analyst in the Structures and Propulsion Laboratory. After the space shuttle Challenger accident, Cash was assigned to the Solid Rocket Booster Redesign Team and was in charge of the Transient Pressure Full Scale Test Article. He then became the manager of the Advanced Solid Rocket Booster Case Subsystem after the space shuttle’s successful return to flight.

Later, he returned to the Redesigned Solid Rocket Motor and worked as a subsystem manager, branch chief and then chief engineer, before he was named deputy project manager. While working as deputy project manager, he went on a one-year assignment at Kennedy Space Center where he worked as an assistant to the launch manager and focused on return to flight launch issues after the space shuttle Columbia accident.

In 2005, Cash became the chief engineer for the NASA Engineering and Safety Center at Marshall Space Flight Center. A year later he became the shuttle propulsion chief engineer and was later named the deputy manager, eventually becoming the manager of the Space Shuttle Propulsion Office for the Space Shuttle Program at Marshall.

After the retirement of the Space Shuttle Program, Cash worked as the director of the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate at Marshall. Since August, Cash has been the vice president of the Advanced Space Systems Division of Quantitech.

Throughout his career at NASA, Cash has received professional awards such as the Distinguished Service Medal, the Outstanding Leadership Medal and the Exceptional Achievement Medal. Other awards include the Eagle Manned Mission Award from the National Space Club, the AIAA Holger Toftoy Award, Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service Award and the Silver Snoopy Award. He has also been inducted into the Madison County Athletic Hall of Fame.

Cash enjoys woodworking, running and horseback riding. He lives in Huntsville with his wife, Pam. They have two children, Matt and Mally, and one grandchild, Gabe.