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  • Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 1969
  • M.S. Applied Physics, Waseda University, 1964
  • B.S. Applied Physics, Waseda University, 1962


After finished his doctorate in 1969, Dr. Takao Suzuki worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, from 1969 through 1972, and then was an assistant professor from 1972 through 1974 and an associate professor from 1974 through 1988 at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. He worked as a senior research scientist at IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, California, from 1988 through 1995. He was a principal professor of Toyota Technological Institute, Nagoya, Japan, from 1995 through 2010, while he served as vice president from 2004 through 2010.

His research field includes magnetism and magnetic materials, energy storage materials and related devices. In particular, his work has been on soft, semi-hard and hard magnetic materials for various applications including magnetic recording, spintronics, energy storage, and high performance electronic devices. He has published more than 310 scientific papers in peer review journals, has written four books, and holds 18 patents licensed in U.S.A., Japan, Singapore, and other countries.

Suzuki has received several awards including the Achievement Award of the IEEE Magnetics Society (2015), which is the highest award of the Society, the Society Award of the Magnetics Society of Japan (2010), IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer Award (2007), and Technical Achievement Award of the Magnetics Society of Japan (1999).

Suzuki was the former president of the IEEE Magnetics Society (2011-2012), and is IEEE Fellow. He is also Fellow of the Magnetics Society of Japan.

Suzuki is Professor Emeritus of Toyota Technological Institute in Japan.

Honors and Awards

  • IEEE Life Fellow and Magnetic Society of Japan’s Life fellow
  • IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer Award, IEEE Magnetics Society, 2007
  • Technical Achievement Award, Magnetics Society of Japan, 1999
  • IEEE Magnetics Society Achievement Award, IEEE Magnetics Society, 2015
  • Society Award of Magnetics Society of Japan, Magnetics Society of Japan, 2010

Areas of Research

Latest Publications

  • Shuang Wu, Kyotaro Abe, Takuma Nakano, Tim Mewes, Claudia Mewes, G. J. Mankey, and Takao Suzuki, “Thickness dependence of dynamic magnetic properties of soft (FeCo)-Si alloy thin films” Rev. B 99, 144416 (2019).
  • Keisuke Kamiya, Siqian Zhao , Yoshitomo Tanaka , Gary Mankey, and Takao Suzuki, “Magnetic and structural properties of L10Mn50Ga50-xAlx epitaxially grown thin films” AIP Advances 9, pp.035032-1 – 4, (2019). https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5079878.
  • Kyotaro Abe, Shuang Wu, Yoshitomo Tanaka , Yusuke Ariake , Isao Kanada, Tim Mewes, Gary Mankey, Claudia Mewes, and Takao Suzuki, “The thickness and growth temperature dependences of soft magnetic properties and an effective damping parameter of (FeCo)-Si alloy thin films” AIP Advances 9, 035139-1 – 4 (2019).
  • Siqian Zhao, Yoshitomo Tanaka, Takuya Sato, Keisuke Kamiya, Gary Mankey, Takao Suzuki,” Magnetic and structural properties of L10 Mn-Ga epitaxially grown islands” Mag. Mag. Materials, 465, pp.500-507 (2018).
  • Takao Suzuki, Patrick LeClair and Toshiya Hozumi “Mn-Bi Magnetic Material” US Patent (#9,842,678 B2) Issued on 12/12/2017.