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Assistant Professor

Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

261 Hardaway Hall
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  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Florida, 2020
  • M.S., Construction, Texas A&M University, 2014
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Ningbo University, 2011


Dr. Yangming Shi joined the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2021. Before he joins UA, he worked as a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida, where he was the main participant of the NSF-funded project on developing Learning Environments with Augmentation and Robotics for Next-gen Emergency Responders (LEARNER).

His research focuses on developing data-driven solutions to improve human performance and augment human capabilities for future design, construction, and engineering process. His research interests lie in Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR), Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (AI), human-robot collaboration, Construction informatics, and Human Factors in construction. When he was a Ph.D. student at UF, he contributed to the research projects funded by NSF, NIST, and NASA. He has over 13 publications in premier academic journals and over 11 peer-reviewed conference proceedings.

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Reviewer, ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 2019

Areas of Research

Latest Publications

  • Shi, Y., Kang, J., Xia, P., Tyagi, O., Mehta, R., & Du, J. (2021). “Spatial Knowledge and Firefighters’ Wayfinding Performance: A Virtual Reality Search and Rescue Experiment.” Elsevier Journal of Safety Science, 105231.
  • Shi, Y., Zhu, Y., Mehta, R., & Du, J. (2020). “A Neurophysiological Approach to Assess Training Outcome Under Stress: A Virtual Reality Experiment of Industrial Shutdown Maintenance Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS).” Elsevier Journal of Advanced Engineering Informatics, 46, 101153.
  • Shi, Y., Du, J., & Worthy, D. (2020). “The Impact of Engineering Information Formats on Learning and Execution of Construction Operations: A Virtual Reality Pipe Maintenance Experiment.” Elsevier Journal of Automation in Construction, 119,103367.
  • Shi, Y., Du, J., & Ragan, E. (2020). “Review Visual Attention and Spatial Memory in Building Inspection: Toward a Cognition-driven Information System.” Elsevier Journal of Advanced Engineering Informatics, 44, 101061.
  • Shi, Y., Du, J., & Ahn, C. R., & Ragan, E. (2019). The Impact Assessment of Reinforced Learning Methods on Construction Workers’ Fall Risk Behaviors Using Virtual Reality. Elsevier Journal of Automation in Construction, 104, 197-214.