Research Centers

The College of Engineering is directly involved in the following UA Research Centers:

Alabama Industrial Assessment Center
The Alabama Industrial Assessment Center is one of 26 Department of Energy-funded centers throughout the country tasked with assisting manufacturing plants with energy conservation, waste reduction and productivity increases by issuing a detailed report of energy savings recommendations.

Center for Advanced Public Safety
UA’s Center for Advanced Public Safety uses leading edge technologies to offer products and specialized software development services in a variety of areas, particularly traffic safety and law enforcement. CAPS routinely provides a variety of safety studies and planning documents, such as the Crash Facts Books and Highway Safety Plans.

Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies
Based on interdisciplinary research and education programs, The University of Alabama’s Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies provides the vehicular industry with novel ideas, scientific consultation and progressive research and discovery. The CAVT is at the heart of the automotive industry emergence in the Southeast and is committed to the development of energy secure, safe, environmentally-friendly and efficient vehicles meeting the transportation needs of tomorrow.

Integrative Center for Athletic and Sport Technology
An interdiscplinary center drawing on expertise in engineering, kinesiology, health science and athletic training, the Integrative Center for Athletic and Sport Technology (I-CAST) will be devoted to the development of new technologies and the application of existing technologies for the primary purpose of reducing injury, accelerating recovery from injury, enhancing human performance and optimizing nutrition in performance and recovery.

Center for Sustainable Infrastructure
The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure serves as an innovative technical resource, knowledge center, and educational provider addressing critical issues related to sustainable infrastructure, whether it be at the local, regional, national or global level. The CSI extends its focus to range from materials to full-scale structural systems, including the development of new, novel materials and structural systems as well as the short- and long-term performance of materials and structural systems to service and extreme loading conditions and hazards. The CSI’s utilizes a cradle-to-grave approach to infrastructure, including pre-project planning, design, construction, maintenance, renovation/ rehabilitation, decommissioning/deconstruction and reuse.

Center for Materials for Information Technologies
The Center for Materials for Information Technologies is a multidisciplinary research program focusing on new materials for advanced data storage. A major emphasis is on materials for magnetic heads and media, key components in high performance information storage systems.

Environmental Institute
The Environmental Institute’s primary function is to be a national leader in the research of environmental sustainability issues related to air, water and land resources.

Remote Sensing Center
The Remote Sensing Center (RSC) conceives, develops, and operates high performance systems for demanding sensing missions. The RSC brings together scientists and engineers in a rapid R&D environment to create game-changing solutions for national and worldwide partners and collaborators.

The University Transportation Center for Alabama
The University Transportation Center for Alabama conducts transportation education, research and technology transfer activities using faculty members and students from The University of Alabama, The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

For additional information about The University of Alabama research areas, check out UA’s Research website and visit the full list of University of Alabama Research Centers.