Metal Casting and Solidification Research Facility

The Metal Casting and Solidification Research Facility at The University of Alabama involves sand, die, investment and centrifugal casting of metals and alloys including gray iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, superalloys, copper and titanium. The Foundry is equipped with three induction furnaces for melting cast iron, steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum-based alloys. The capacity of these furnaces ranges from 50-lb to 200-lb. The foundry also houses a vacuum induction furnace with directional solidification capabilities for melting and casting superalloys that can produce up to 25-kilogram turbine components cast into ceramic-shell molds. Molding equipment and a core machine for making both green sand and pepset-based molds and cores are also located in the Foundry, as well as a sand-testing lab.