Cadence University Program Member

Welcome to the Cadence University Program information page for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Alabama.  Cadence software will be used in the Digital And Embedded system Technologies (DART) lab.  Listed below are the ECE courses in which Cadence products are used.

ECE 432/532 – VLSI Design – 3 hours

Digital design issues in the context of VLSI systems. Introduction to CMOS digital design methodology, layout techniques, behavior models, circuit simulation, and testing of complex systems.

ECE 434/534 – Mixed Signal Circuits – 3 hours

  • Design and testing issues in the context of mixed-signal embedded systems. Introduction to CMOS mixed-signal design methodology, layout techniques, analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, circuit simulation, and testing and packaging of complex mixed-signal systems.

ECE 480/580 – Digital Systems Design – 3 hours

  • Digital systems design with hardware description languages, programmable implementation technologies, electronic design automation design flows, design considerations and constraints, design for test, system-on-a-chip designs, IP cores, reconfigurable computing and digital system design examples and applications.

ECE 481/581 – Digital Systems Design Lab – 1 hour

  • Logic design and simulation via hardware description languages, use of electronic design automation tools, and CPU design.

ECE 484/584 – Computer Architecture – 3 hours

  • Basic computer organization, computer arithmetic, assembly language, machine language, simple and pipelined central-processor organization, memory system hierarchy, and measuring computer performance.

ECE 486/586 – Embedded Systems – 3 hours

  • Integration of microprocessors into digital systems. Includes hardware interfacing, bus protocols and peripheral systems, embedded and real-time operating systems, real-time constraints, networking, and memory system performance.

ECE 487/587 – Embedded Systems Laboratory – 1 hour

  • Projects provide hands-on experience in hardware interfacing, system-level design, real-time concepts and memory system performance.

ECE 492 – Capstone Design I – 2 hours

  • First of a two-course sequence to provide design experience through capstone design, a team-based two-semester-long design project. Also, the first-semester course will include instruction in design methodology, engineering ethics, societal impacts, project economics and management tools.

ECE 494 – Capstone Design II – 2 hours

  • Second of a two-course sequence to provide design experience through capstone design, a team-based two-semester-long design project.

For more information about the courses listed on this page, contact Dr. Ryan A. Taylor.