With the addition of German language courses and an internship abroad, will I be able to finish my undergraduate degree in four years?

  • Because of the timing and duration of your studies and internship abroad, the overall time that it will take to complete your undergraduate degree will be increased by a half year; you will, however, still be on track to complete your degree in the allotted/recommended eight semesters.

Could I choose to only complete the internship abroad at and not complete a semester abroad at the Hochschule Esslingen?

  • No, the year abroad cannot be split up, the study abroad at the Hochschule Esslingen is a key cultural component of the program, which allows students to rub shoulders with and learn alongside their German peers in a challenging environment.

How far will the required German language courses take me towards a major?

  • The German language courses required for the program will take you as far as a minor, however, you can choose to pursue a German major as well. The major course requirement is only a few more additional courses, which can be completed in addition to your engineering course work within the allotted eight semesters.

Am I guaranteed an internship at Mercedes-Benz in Germany?

  • No, dependent upon their recruitment strategy, Mercedes-Benz – Germany will inform us sufficiently in advance of the number of seats they plant to give UA students. The internship will last approximately six months.

Am I guaranteed an internship at MBUSI in Vance, AL?

  • Internship/Co-Op availability at MBUSI is based on their current recruitment strategy, interviews may or may not be offered to students in the program. If there are openings, then MBUSI will host an exclusive interview day for students in the program.

I already took German in high-school, will that count for my GN 101 and GN 102 credit?

  • You will still be required to take a German placement test once you are admitted to the program, to ensure that you are able to begin in the appropriate course for your skill level.

How does the cost of living in Germany compare with that in the U.S.?

  • The cost of living abroad in Germany is comparable to the cost of living at UA, however, extra funds should be set aside for taking advantage of the travel/sightseeing opportunities in Europe. It is encouraged that students take time to travel to neighboring countries to experience other cultures, which will help them to develop a much more diversified and global mindset.

How safe is it to study abroad?

  • Germany is a very safe and secure country. It is well policed, and students should feel safe and comfortable in Esslingen and around Germany.

Will I be medically insured while in Germany?

  • Yes, UA provides adequate medical insurance coverage for all students studying/interning abroad.

My parents said that this would be a great resume builder, and I’m interested in learning German, but I’m not too enthusiastic about the automotive industry, are there internship opportunities outside of Mercedes-Benz?

  • Yes, if you are able to seek other internship opportunities on your own in Germany for the second half of your year abroad.  The responsibility will be on you the student to organize them.

Is the summer immersion program in Portland covered under scholarship?

Can I take the required German courses at UA or at a university closer to home instead of completing the immersion program in Portland?

  • No, the immersion program is also a team-building event designed for you to get to know your future colleagues and build up a support group for your year abroad in Germany.

Will my scholarship count towards my semester abroad at the Hochschule Esslingen?

  • Yes, it will count as one of your allotted semesters at UA.

How does the coursework in Germany compare with the coursework at UA?

  • The course work at the Hochschule Esslingen is highly independent. There is only one final exam for each course, which counts for the entire course grade.  Students must be motivated to complete work outside of class for exam preparation.