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With the addition of German language courses and an internship abroad, will I be able to finish my undergraduate degree in four years?

Could I choose to only complete the internship abroad at and not complete a semester abroad at the Hochschule Esslingen?

How far will the required German language courses take me towards a major?

Am I guaranteed an internship at Mercedes-Benz in Germany?

Am I guaranteed an internship at MBUSI in Vance, AL?

I already took German in high-school, will that count for my GN 101 and GN 102 credit?

How does the cost of living in Germany compare with that in the U.S.?

How safe is it to study abroad?

Will I be medically insured while in Germany?

My parents said that this would be a great resume builder, and I’m interested in learning German, but I’m not too enthusiastic about the automotive industry, are there internship opportunities outside of Mercedes-Benz?

Is the summer immersion program in Portland covered under scholarship?

Can I take the required German courses at UA or at a university closer to home instead of completing the immersion program in Portland?

Will my scholarship count towards my semester abroad at the Hochschule Esslingen?

How does the coursework in Germany compare with the coursework at UA?

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