The University of Alabama is one of the five oldest engineering institutions in the nation and the oldest in the state. Consequently, the College of Engineering has a tradition few schools can match.

UA’s College of Engineering features a wide variety of nationally-accredited programs, affording students the flexibility to shape their academic goals to suit developing interests. Students may choose academic programs in the following departments:

In addition, the College’s Freshman Engineering Program is a specially designed first-year experience for all students that motivates and engages our students. All engineering majors take a common first-year program that introduces students to the field of engineering, ensures all students have the skill sets necessary to successfully complete their second-year engineering courses, and illustrates the relevance of mathematics and science to the field of engineering.

Graduate Programs

Graduate work in the College of Engineering is administered jointly by the Graduate School, the College of Engineering and various administrative subdivisions of the College. Learn more about graduate studies and degrees.