Faculty create their own research groups based out of the laboratories they use on campus to further investigate their research interests in a collaborative environment. Below is a list of the current research groups available.

Group Name Website or Email Focus
A2SL: Advanced Antenna and Sensor Laboratory https://a2sl.ua.edu Electrical and Computer Engineering
Advanced Computational Materials Engineering (ACME) Lab https://acmelab.ua.edu/ Mechanical Engineering
Alternative fuels ksrinivasan@eng.ua.edu Mechanical Engineering
Applied Computational Engineering (ACE) Lab https://acelab.ua.edu/ Mechanical Engineering
Astrodynamics and Space Research Laboratory https://asrl.ua.edu/ Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Bara Research Group http://jbara.eng.ua.edu/ Chemical and Biological Engineering
Computational Mechanics Group http://volkov.eng.ua.edu/ Mechanical Engineering
Computer Laboratory of Ambient and Wearable Systems http://claws.eng.ua.edu/ Electrical and Computer Engineering
Davami Research Group https://kdavami.people.ua.edu Mechanical Engineering
Deployable Structures, Dynamic Systems and Robotics (DS^2R) Laboratory https://ds2r.lab.ua.edu/ Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering
Distributed Autonomy Lab http://robotics.cs.ua.edu/ Computer Science
Electrochemical Engineering for Materials Lab http://eeml.ua.edu/ Chemical and Biological Engineering
Koh Laboratory https://askoh.people.ua.edu/ Chemical and Biological Engineering
Land Surface Hydrology Research Group http://jkam.people.ua.edu/ Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Materials Engineering And Nanosensor (MEAN) Laboratory http://www.meanlaboratory.com/ Chemical & Biological Engineering
Nano-Bio Interface Group https://ybao.people.ua.edu/ Chemical & Biological Engineering
Nastac Solidification Science & Processing Group https://lnastac.people.ua.edu/ Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Nonlinear Intelligent Structures Laboratory (NIS) https://nis.ua.edu/ Mechanical Engineering
Processing – Microstructure – Mechanical Properties of Materials Lab https://nkumar.people.ua.edu/ Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Qing Peng’s Research Group http://qpeng.people.ua.edu/ Chemical and Biological Engineering
Rotorcraft Aeromechanics and Control Lab http://rac.eng.ua.edu/ Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
THz Photonics Metamaterials Research Group http://thzisresearch.ua.edu/ Electrical and Computer Engineering
Turner Research Group https://turnerresearchgroup.ua.edu/ Chemical and Biological Engineering

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