About the College

One the first five universities to offer engineering instruction in the nation, The University of Alabama has more than 175 years of engineering education experience. Today’s College of Engineering is large enough to offer academic diversity and challenge, yet small enough to ensure personal attention and excellent instruction.

Students in the College earn national scholarships and graduate fellowships and earn more in their first jobs than the nation’s average starting salary for engineering graduates. The foundation is the College’s academic programs.

Academic Departments

UA’s College of Engineering features a wide variety of nationally-accredited programs, affording students the flexibility to shape their academic goals to suit developing interests. Students may choose academic programs in the following departments:


The University of Alabama College of Engineering will be a nationally-recognized leader in student-centered education, research and innovation.


The mission of the College of Engineering is to serve the state, nation, and global community by advancing the boundaries of knowledge through innovative research and education of the next generation of leaders.


  • We will provide high-quality, exceptional experiences that educate distinguished bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral graduates.
  • We will develop, conduct and disseminate innovative research that engages students at all levels.
  • We will foster faculty dedication to excellence in education, research and service.