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Virtual Visits

Thinking about visiting UA but want to have a digital look around first? We’ve got you covered.

Current Research


At The University of Alabama, the labs contained in the NERC and SERC buildings allow students and faculty to do meaningful and impactful research across all disciplines. The labs and equipment are state of the art and housed right on campus, giving all engineering students the ability to utilize these facilities for a multitude of research topics.

Transforming Lives with Robotic Prothesis

UA researchers are taking a powered step forward in advancing prosthetics. Robotics are coming into play to provide seamless mobility that adapts to the user rather than the user having to adapt to the prosthetic.

Engineering Research | Seismic Durability Using CLT

In 2019, engineering research teams at UA completed a structure test using cross-laminated timber to test how well the timber maintains structural integrity. The researchers are working to save lives by reducing structural damage during earthquakes and aftershocks.

Student Competition Teams

Brain-Drone Racing

Competitors literally go head to head as they use brainwaves to power drones in a race across the room. Reading electrical signals from the brain through a headset, the power of concentration is harnessed and transmitted to move the drones.

Eco Car

Bridging industry with academics, the EcoCAR project also unites the best of UA’s engineering, business and communications students to deliver a hybrid electric, autonomous vehicle in the four-year EcoCAR challenge. With an advanced set of tools and resources to draw from, UA’s team leads with a competitive edge.

2019 Robotic Mining Challenge

The University of Alabama College of Engineering hosted the 2019 Robotic Mining Challenge, with 27 teams coming to campus to excavate through lunar and Martian simulated soil. The competition allowed the UA Astrobotic team to showcase their autonomous robot and its ability to dig through the soil and collect over 30 kilograms of gravel.

Industry Partners

Where Legends Are Made Race Cars

From go-karts to big engines, John Allen has ventured into high performance driving that has taken him across the country. Allen, a UA electrical engineering alumnus, began racing cars professionally after retiring from his engineering career. His scholarship and interest in aerospace has driven him to new speeds.

Space Days at UA

Hosted by the College of Engineering and the Capstone Engineering Society, Space Days at UA is a great way for students to confidently network with established space industry partners. Engineering students from all disciplines are empowered to investigate future career opportunities during this two-day event on campus.

Lockheed Martin Challenge Box

In September 2019, a mysterious box appeared at UA’s Ferguson Center. The challenge: solve four increasingly difficult engineering questions. The prize: a once-in-a-lifetime job offer. More than 900 students participated, over 120 received job offers, and three engineering students solved the high value problem – the highest number of winners in Challenge Box history. This is how legends are made.

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