Research is a critical component of our mission as the flagship university in this state, and the College of Engineering is working to increase research support for our faculty and to invest in new facilities and equipment.

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Nearly a Third of Mobile Bay Marshes Gone Since 1980s, Study Finds

About half a football field of marshes on the edges of Mobile Bay vanished annually over the past 35 years, according to a study by researchers at The University of...

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More News

UA Researchers Building Communication Robot for Law Enforcement

Engineering and communication researchers at The University of Alabama are building the next generation of affordable law enforcement robotic technology.

UA Professors to Study Underwater Robotics Wireless Communications

Selected by the National Science Foundation, the professors will lead a $1.5 million effort to develop an infrastructure for underwater research robots to exchange information.

NASA Mission to Include Contributions from UA Engineering

Engineering researchers at The University of Alabama will contribute to a pioneering spaceflight mission set to launch in 2025.

IN THE NEWS: April 6, 2021

‘Championship School’: These students are giving Title Town a whole new meaning

IN THE NEWS: April 5, 2021

Making the Most of Every Drop: Research Shows Dairy Industry Posts the Largest Gains in Water Productivity

IN THE NEWS: March 31, 2021

UA professor part of $4 million project to address Black Belt wastewater crisis

IN THE NEWS: March 30, 2021

Alabama environmental groups see opportunity in $4 billion state will get in stimulus

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Our centers span a variety of areas from cybersecurity to transportation, we’re making sure that our research efforts continue to make a hands-on difference with our students and communities.

Research’s Where, What, and Who


Learn about the 10 buildings and cutting edge labs the College of Engineering has available for use.

Research Groups

Faculty research groups are available to further investigate research interests in a collaborative environment.

Student Opportunities

From undergraduate to graduate, we offer opportunities for all levels of students to get involved in the research experience.


Alabama IMaDE

The premier hub for multidisciplinary research and education in intelligent and advanced manufacturing systems and processes.

If you can’t find the information you need, contact Dr. John Wiest, Associate Dean for Research and Economic Development.

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Research Areas

Explore our areas of research listed below to find the majors, faculty and labs available in each area.

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