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College of Engineering

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Hands-on Learning

As a student in the College of Engineering, you will learn more than just the application of math and science. You will be encouraged to cultivate creativity, a necessary skill in the global economy.

The Cube

The Cube is student-centered and process-oriented, fostering and creating opportunities for students to immerse themselves in creative thinking, innovative projects and experiential learning through the responsible use of today’s cutting edge technologies.

The Cube is a suite of labs, all sharing in the Cube’s mission. The Cube is located in Hardaway Hall and currently includes the 3D Prototyping Lab, Electronics Prototyping Lab, and 3D Projection Lab.

The Cube is far more than just a place; it is the people that truly make it what it is. The Cube engages the University community by emphasizing collaboration, the creative process, active learning and leadership in an extracurricular environment and operated with students in positions of active responsibility.

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Engineering the Arts

Working in partnership with programs across campus, you have the opportunity to apply engineering skills and background to a wide range of fields, such as dance, performing arts, poetry, graphic novels, short videos and animation, free jazz, painting, sculpture and film. Within the College, you can even join a theater group of your peers.

Team Projects

You can also use your ingenuity on competition teams, learning practical and novel approaches to the problems of the 21st century through building cars, airplanes, robots, hovercrafts and rockets, or competing through metal casting, programming software and shaping concrete.

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Entrepreneurship and Internships

Engineers and computer scientists are more than just the creators and inventors of products. They shepherd an entire project from idea to market. They are increasingly called upon to couple innovation with communication, leadership and decision-making.

STEM Path to the MBA

As a student in the UA College of Engineering, you will have a chance to be a part of the STEM Path to the MBA program. High-quality students studying in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines can earn an MBA and undergraduate degree in five years, giving them the ability to manage high-tech businesses.

Cooperative Education and Internships

The College also has an active cooperative education and internship program that allows you to work as a practicing engineer. Along with the experience, you will also earn competitive salaries and valuable networking channels.

Business and Product Development

Engineering and computer science students can work with students from business and marketing to tackle difficult problems in industry, community and society through developing new products, services and businesses.

Students in the College of Engineering also have the option to work alongside business students in a course where student teams working on product development shape the curriculum, deliver the content and share in the results.

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International and Service Experiences

Graduates from the UA College of Engineering will work with people from across the globe. A broader understanding of the world and the needs of cultural groups is critical to completing projects in engineering and computer science.

International Experience

The College offers several options for studying and serving internationally. You can learn about renewable energy in Spain, environmental engineering in Austria or chemical engineering in Denmark, to name just a few programs where you can reap the benefits of supplementing a top-notch education with international experiences.

Service Learning

Students in the College also serve others in the developing world and Alabama. Student Engineers in Action, for instance, help install clean drinking water in Peru, build homes for underprivileged people in the Southeast or design and construct a greenhouse for a local elementary school. There are several avenues across the UA campus to integrate meaningful community service with instruction.

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