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Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Minor

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Rusty Pettus

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An engineering student who is not an MTE major can earn a B.S. minor in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering by completing the following requirements. The student must complete the two (2) MTE minor core courses and at least four (4) of the MTE minor elective core classes. A student can petition to substitute only one (1) of the MTE minor elective core classes with an equivalent course from another department (listed below) thereby reducing the total number of additional MTE minor core electives to three (3). A letter grade of a “C” or higher in each course is required for the course to count towards the MTE minor. A student should apply for the MTE minor prior to achieving senior standing in order to have sufficient time to complete all requirements.

The student must complete 19 to 21 hours of MTE approved courses or their equivalents.  Interested students may find that several of these MTE courses meet his/her department’s required or technical electives options.

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