All graduate students in chemical and biological engineering are required to pass the following core graduate courses:

  • CHE 551 Advanced Thermodynamics I
  • CHE 552 Transport Phenomena
  • CHE 553 Computation in Chemical Engineering
  • CHE 554 Chemical Reaction Engineering

Master of Science–Thesis Option (PLAN I): 30 Credit Hours

Candidates for the master’s degree under Plan I must earn a minimum of 24 semester hours of credit in coursework and write a thesis (a minimum of 6 semester hours of thesis research required).

  • A minimum of 24 credit hours of coursework is required.
  • A minimum of 6 hours of thesis research is required.
  • A student’s curriculum and thesis must be approved by the student’s graduate advisory committee. The student must pass a final comprehensive examination, which is typically a presentation and defense of the thesis. In addition, the student must satisfy all University requirements defined in the current edition of The University of Alabama Graduate Catalog.

Master of Science–Non-Thesis Option (PLAN II): 30 Credit Hours

Candidates for the master’s degree under Plan II must earn a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit and complete a culminating or “Capstone Experience” as described below.

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework is required. A minimum of 18 hours must be CHE courses, while the remaining 12 hours may be outside of CHE, with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator.
  • The “Capstone Experience” consists of two components:
    1. First, a research presentation must be delivered to the faculty. The research presentation can be based on a literature review of a chemical engineering topic or a presentation of hands-on research results. The student must register for 1 hour of CHE 595 – Seminar during the semester of the presentation. Graduate Seminar Guidelines MS 2021 (pdf)
    2. The second component is a mentored grading experience, CHE 591 (3 hours), and this will count towards the 30 credit hours of coursework. The student will gain first-hand experience with several aspects of the chemical engineering educational process (homework design, grading, test preparation, etc.).

These two components (seminar + mentored grading experience) shall constitute The University of Alabama Graduate School culminating experience requirement for an MS Plan II degree in chemical and biological engineering.

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