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Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.

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Dr. Yuping Bao

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Degree Requirements

The department requires that students take and pass CHE 695 Seminar during the first part of the doctoral program of study and CHE 696 Seminar in the latter part of the program. These two hours of seminar are in addition to the course hours needed for graduation. Graduate Seminar Guidelines PhD 2021 (pdf)

A defined field of specialization is required of all candidates for the doctor of philosophy degree. A minimum of 48 semester hours of non-dissertation course credit is required. Candidates should consult the department for additional requirements. The doctoral course as a whole must be unified, and all its parts must contribute to an organized program of study and research. In addition, a student must complete a minimum of 24 hours of dissertation research.

A prospectus examination is required of all candidates for the doctor of philosophy degree. This examination is given after two full years of graduate study have been completed and the supervisory committee deems the student to have adequate preparation. The examination consists of a written proposal describing the student’s research activities and an oral presentation and defense of the proposal before the student’s supervisory committee. The examination must be completed at least one year prior to the final dissertation defense.

For additional information about chemical engineering graduate programs, contact Dr. Yuping Bao.

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