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Picture of Dr. Ali Pakniyat

Dr. Ali Pakniyat

Assistant Professor

Research Areas

3010 South Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-4979   /   Send email

Photo of Rebecca Palmer not available.

Rebecca Palmer

Software Scientist II

Cyber Hall   /   Send email

Picture of Shane Parcus

Shane Parcus

Software Scientist III

N/A   /   (205) 348-6010   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Allen Parrish

Dr. Allen Parrish

Executive Director of the Alabama Cyber Institute, Workforce Development Senior Advisor for Alabama Transportation Institute, Professor

Research Areas

3022 Cyber Hall   /   (205) 348-0741   /   Send email

Picture of Jeremy Pate

Jeremy Pate

Director Center for Advanced Public Safety

Cyber Hall   /   (205) 348-1420   /   Send email

Picture of Bhavin Patel

Bhavin Patel

Manager CAPS Product Line

1067 Cyber   /   (205) 348-4737   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Sree Kalyan Patiballa

Dr. Sree Kalyan Patiballa

Assistant Professor

Research Areas

2013C South Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-6163   /   Send email   /   Visit Website

Picture of Heather Peloquin

Heather Peloquin

Building Associate

1047 North Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-0368   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Lorena Perez-Andrade

Dr. Lorena Perez-Andrade

Associate Research Professional

Research Areas

1024 North Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-6632   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Sandra Pettit

Dr. Sandra Pettit

Assistant Dean for Student Success

Research Areas

2064 H.M. Comer   /   (205) 348-6311   /   Send email

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