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  • 3032 North Engineering Research Center
  • Phone (205) 348-6981
  • Fax (205) 348-6959
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Dr. Majid Vaseghi

Assistant Professor


  • 3032 North Engineering Research Center
  • phone (205) 348-6981
  • fax (205) 348-6959
  • Email


  • Ph.D., Metal Forming, Sharif University of Technology, 2010
  • M.S., Metal Forming, Sharif University of Technology, 2005
  • B.S., Metallurgy Engineering, Semnan University, 2003

Dr. Majid Vaseghi joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Alabama in September 2021 as a research associate. Before joining The University of Alabama, he was an assistant professor in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Beheshti University. He also was a visiting researcher at the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea.

Dr. Vaseghi is broadly interested in understanding process-structure-property-performance relations in engineering materials. He mostly performs research in the manufacturing and inverse engineering of metallic components. His current research focuses on the Laser cutting of Nitinol stents and additive manufacturing of nanocomposite scaffolds.

Affiliated Areas
Mechanical Engineering

Selected Publications

  • M. Barati Mahyari, M. Vaseghi, et al., “Experimental-theoretical study of a novel approach for dissimilar welding of ferritic steels in power plants: An investigation of morphology-composition-property”, Engineering Failure Analysis 157, 2024, 107917.
  • N. Brooks, M. Vaseghi, L. Hackel, K. Davami, “Microstructural and mechanical characterization of pearlitic steel after high-intensity laser peening and shot peening”, Manufacturing Letters 38, 2023, 35-39.
  • K. Davami, M. Vaseghi, N. Brooks, R. Rowe, N. Holtham, T. Southers, T. Um, L. Hackel, “High-velocity laser accelerated deposition (HVLAD): An experimental study”, Surface & Coatings Technology 466, 2023, 129638.
  • M.S. Afshar Kohan, S. Dehrooyeh, M. Sohrabian, M. Vaseghi, “Influence of Processing Parameters Tuning and Rheological Characterization on Improvement of Mechanical Properties and Fabrication accuracy of 3D Printed Models”, Rapid Prototyping Journal 29(4), 2023, 867-881.
  • M. Vaseghi, A. Tajyar, F. Tavangarian, A. Beheshti, K. Davami, “High temperature nanoindentation behavior of additively and traditionally manufactured Inconel 625”, Manufacturing Letters 32, 2022, 100-103.

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