Picture of Dr. Qiuhua Duan

Assistant Professor

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

278 Hardaway Hall
 (205) 348-3321
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  • Ph.D., Architectural Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
  • Ph.D., Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering, Tongji University
  • M.S., Hydraulic Structural Engineering, Guangxi University
  • B.S., Water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, Guangxi University


Dr. Duan’s research interests focus on advance materials and technologies to improve the energy efficiency, resiliency, and comfort of buildings.

Honors and Awards

  • The 2nd place winner of the Graduate Collegiate Competition of the Society of Women Engineers, 2019.
  • The 3rd place winner of the Graduate Collegiate Competition of the Society of Women Engineers, 2020.
  • Outstanding Student Award in Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 2021.
  • Borda Graduate Scholarship in Honor of Gifford H. Albright Scholarly Excellence Award, Penn State University, 2021.
  • Marlene & Joseph Borda Architectural Engineering Graduate Fellowship, Penn State University, 2021.
  • John and Barbara Yellott Award, American Solar Energy Society, 2021.

Areas of Research

Latest Publications

  • Qiuhua Duan, Laura Hinkle, Julian Wang, Enhe Zhang, and Ali Memari (2021). “Condensation effects on energy performance of building window systems”. Energy Reports, Vol. 7, November 2021: 7345-7357.
  • Qiuhua Duan, Yanxiao Feng, and Julian Wang. “Clustering of Visible and Infrared Solar Irradiance for Solar Architecture Design and Analysis.” Renewable Energy, 165, pp. 668-677, (2021)
  • Enhe Zhang, Qiuhua Duan, Julian Wang, Yuan Zhao, Yanxiao Feng . “Experimental and numerical analysis of the energy performance of building windows with solar NIR-driven plasmonic photothermal effects.” Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 245, 1 October, 114594, (2021)
  • Yanxiao Feng, Qiuhua Duan, Julian Wang, Xi Chen, Sai Santosh Yakkali. “Space Cooling Energy Usage Prediction based on Utility Data for Residential Buildings Using Machine Learning Methods.” Applied Energy, 291 (6), 116814, (2021)
  • Qiuhua Duan, Yuhui Song, Yanxiao Feng, Enhe Zhang, Julian Wang and Shengnan. Niu, “Solar infrared radiation towards building energy efficiency: Measurement, data, and modeling”. Environmental Reviews, 1 July, (2020)