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Dr. Sameer B. Mulani

Associate Professor



  • Ph.D., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2006
  • M. Tech., Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India, and University of Stuttgart, Germany, 2000
  • B.E., Civil Engineering, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, India, 1996

Dr. Mulani’s research interests are uncertainty quantification, random vibrations, and multi-disciplinary optimization, especially of composite structures’ multi-scale analysis and design. He was awarded a DAAD fellowship to carry out master’s thesis work at the Universitat Stuttgart, Germany. His research on optimization using curvilinear stiffening for panels and wings is well-renowned. He is a senior member of AIAA, a member of the American Society for Composites, member of the German Aerospace Society. He is also an integral part of the Remote Sensing Center ( and leads the antennas’ design, manufacturing, and integration.

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Affiliated Areas
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Selected Publications

  • Vishe, N., Mulani, S. B., and Roy, S., “Mode-I Fatigue Crack Growth Mitigation by In-situ Healing in Thermoset CFRP Composite using Thermoplastic Healants,” AIAA Journal [accepted].
  • Vishe, N., Mulani, S. B., and Roy, S., “Repeatable Self-healing of Composite’s Fatigue Delamination,” Composite Structures, Vol. 311, 2023, 116846.
  • Gupta, S., Paudel, A., Thapa, M., Mulani, S. B., and Walters, R. W., “Optimal Sampling-Based Neural Networks for Uncertainty Quantification and Stochastic Optimization,” Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 133, 2023, 108109.
  • Paudel, A., Gupta, S., Thapa, M., Mulani, S. B., and Walters, R. W., “Higher-Order Taylor Series Expansion with Efficient Local Sensitivity Estimation for Uncertainty Quantification,” Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 126, 2022, 107574.
  • Römer, U., Bertsch, L., Mulani, S. B., and Schäffer, B., “Uncertainty Quantification for Aircraft Noise Emission Methods and Limitations,” AIAA Journal, Vol. 60, 2022, pp. 3020-3034.

Awards and Honors

  • DAAD Fellowship: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service), awarded for pursuing research at the Institut für Statik und Dynamik der Luft-und-Raumfahrtkonstruktionen, Uinverstität Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany from May 1999 to February 2000.
  • Night on the Town: The General Electric Award is the recognition of the methodology developed for prediction of damping for shrouded buckets in the rotor and implemented successfully in the BDamper tool. It was awarded on 22nd June 2007.

Dr. Mulani's Impact

two professors standing in a lab environment

UA Researchers Developing Way for Materials to Repair Themselves

Engineering researchers at The University of Alabama are exploring a promising path to self-repair for materials often used in the aerospace industry, possibly saving time and money while improving safety.

A double cantilever carbon-reinforced composite beam begins to heal itself under the actuation of macro- fiber composites after a Mode I delamination test.

Probabilistic methods gain traction for designing complex systems

In July, an AIAA Certification by Analysis Community made up of industry, academia and government/regulatory representatives completed the draft document “Recommended Practices When Flight Modeling Is Used to Reduce Flight...

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