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William D. Jordan Professor

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies

1001 NERC
 (205) 348-5883
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  • Ph.D., Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Tech, 1988
  • M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1986
  • B.Tech, Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 1981


  • Multi-scale multi-physics modeling and performance prediction of composite materials and structures in high-temperature environments
  • Testing and life-prediction of composites in aggressive hygro-thermal environments
  • Scalable manufacturing of carbon nanotube sheet overwrapped carbon fibers for high interfacial strength carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites
  • Out-of-autoclave manufacturing of thermoset and thermoplastic composites
  • Manufacturing and characterization of self-healing thermoset composites with embedded thermoplastic particles and shape memory polymer (SMP) filaments
  • Fracture and fatigue testing to determine mechanisms at the micro/nanoscale for toughness enhancement in composites
  • Structural health management and damage prognosis using embedded actuators and sensors

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Research Award in Composites, American Society for Composites, 2019
  • AEM Outstanding Ph.D. Mentoring Award, University of Alabama, 2017
  • Awarded Summer Faculty Fellowship by Air Force Research Laboratory/RXCC, Dayton, Ohio, June 6-July 29, 2016
  • Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME, 2010
  • Associate Fellow of American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA, 2007

Areas of Research

Latest Publications

  • Xuemin Wang, T. Xu, P. Kokkada, S. Roy, R. Baughman, and H. Lu, Modeling the Compressive Buckling Strain as a Function of the Nanocomposite Interphase Thickness in a Carbon Nanotube Sheet Wrapped Carbon Fiber Composite, Journal of Applied Mechanics, October 2019, Vol. 86 / 101007-1.
  • Pruthul Kokkada, S. Roy, V. Unnikrishnan, and H. Lu, A Multiscale Model to Study the Enhancement in the Compressive Strength of Multi-walled CNT Sheet Overwrapped Carbon Fiber Composites, Composite Structures, 219, July 2019, pp. 170-178.
  • Sushan Nakarmi, Tanvir Sohail, and Samit Roy, An Investigation of Flaw-Size Independence of Cohesive Traction- Separation Law at the Nanoscale: A Molecular Dynamics Study, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 215 (2019), pp. 235-245.
  • Roy and A. Roy, A Computational Investigation of Length-Scale Effects in the Fracture Behavior of a Graphene Sheet using the Atomistic J-Integral, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 207 (2019) pp. 165–180 .
  • Bodiuzzaman, M. Thapa, S. Mulani, and S. Roy, Repeatable Self-Healing of Thermosetting Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites with Thermoplastic Healant, Smart Materials and Structures 28 (2019) 025037 (13pp).