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Associate Professor, Departmental Graduate Program Director

Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

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  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Iowa State University, 2010
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, Iowa State University, 2006
  • B.Tech, Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, 2003


Dr. Sriram Aaleti is an associate professor in the department of civil, construction and environmental engineering at The University of Alabama.

His research includes assessing reinforced and mass timber structures under natural and man-made hazards and developing next generation durable structures to address the deteriorating U.S. transportation infrastructure. This is realized through the development of engineering performance-based systems under earthquake, vehicular loadings or the combination of such using advanced materials, such as Ultra-high performance concrete and Cross-laminated timber.

Aaleti has developed a new precast wall system, known as PreWEC system, to recenter and minimizing the damage to buildings under earthquake loading. Some of his research outcomes on these post-tensioned precast systems has been included in the current U.S. building code (ACI 318 and ACI ITG 5.2).

He is actively involved in national committees at the American Concrete Institute, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and Transportation Research Board. Aaleti has published a total of more than 50 refereed journal and conference papers and 10 technical reports.

Honors and Awards

  • Educator of the Year Award, Prestressed/Precast Concrete Institute, 2019
  • Donald H McLean Civil Engineering Junior Professor of the year, University of Alabama, 2018, 2019
  • SECU Visiting Faculty Travel Grant Award, University of Alabama, 2015
  • Research Excellence Award, Iowa State University, 2009
  • PCI Award of Excellence, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, 2009

Areas of Research

Latest Publications

  • Aaleti, S. and Sritharan, S. (2019). “Quantifying Bonding Characteristics between UHPC and Normal-Strength Concrete for Bridge Deck Application.” ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol. 24, Issue 6 (DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)BE.1943-5592.0001404)
  • Ronanki, V. S., Aaleti, S., and Binard, J. (2019). “Long-span hybrid precast concrete bridge girder using Ultra High-Performance Concrete and normal concrete.” PCI Journal, November 2019.
  • Ronanki, V. S., Aaleti, S., and Valentim, D. B. (2018). “Experimental investigation of bond behavior of mild steel reinforcement in UHPC.” Engineering Structures, 176:707-718 DOI: 10.1016/j.engstruct.2018.09.031
  • Ronanki, V. S., Burkhalter, D. I., Aaleti, S., Song, W., and Richardson, J. A. (2017). “Experimental and analytical investigation of end zone cracking in BT-78 girders.” Engineering Structures, 151, 503-517
  • Ho, T. X., Dao, T. N., Aaleti, S., van de Lindt, J. W., and Rammer, D. R. (2016). “Hybrid system of unbonded post-tensioned CLT panels and light-frame wood shear walls.” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 143(2), 04016171.