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  • 2037E SERC
  • Phone (205) 348-0726
  • Fax (205) 348-0783
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Dr. Thang N. Dao

Associate Professor


  • 2037E SERC
  • phone (205) 348-0726
  • fax (205) 348-0783
  • Email


  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, 2010
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, 2005
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Hanoi Architectural University, Vietnam, 1999

Dr. Thang Dao’s research focuses on multi-hazard engineering, including wind and earthquake engineering for mitigation of damage to infrastructure systems. Specifically, he develops methodologies that enable the built environment to be more resilient and sustainable ranging from the single house to the regional scale. His current research topics include:

  • Performance-Based Engineering
  • Wind and Structures
  • Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Loading
  • Light Frame Wood Structures
  • Cold-Formed Steel Structures
  • Resiliency and Sustainability of Structures

Affiliated Areas
Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Selected Publications

  • Nguyen, T.T., Dao, T.N., Aaleti, S., Hossain, K., Fridley, K.J. (2019). “Numerical Model for Creep Behavior of Axially Loaded CLT Panels,” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering145 (1), (2019)
  • Nguyen, T.T, Dao, T.N., Aaleti, S., van de Lindt, J.W., Fridley, K.J. (2018). “Seismic Assessment of a Three-story Wood Building with an Integrated CLT-Lightframe System using RTHS,” Engineering Structures167, pp. 695-704, (2018)
  • Dao, T.N., van de Lindt, J.W., Ho, T.X. “New Nonlinear Lateral-Vertical Coupled Shear Element Model for Use in Finite Element Structural Analysis Applications,” Engineering Structures140, pp. 98-109, (2017)
  • Ho, T.X., Dao, T.N., Aaleti, S., van de Lindt, J.W., Rammer, D.R. (2016). “Hybrid System of Unbonded Post-tensioned CLT Panels and Light-Frame Wood Shear Walls,” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, (2016) (ISSN 0733-9445, 04016171)
  • Bahmani, P., van de Lindt, J. W., and Dao, T. N., “Displacement-Based Design of Buildings with Torsion: Theory and Verification,” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering140(6), (2013) (04014020)

Awards and Honors

Alabama Power Innovation Award in Engineering, The University of Alabama Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference, April 2018, University of Alabama.

Dr. Dao's Impact

Two men in hard hats stand next to a wooden structure

Higher Reach

Engineering researchers at The University of Alabama hope to combine two methods of constructing tall-wood buildings to yield a new system that could lead to wood-framed buildings reaching eight to 12 stories and that withstand earthquakes better than traditional light-frame wood structures.

A view of the Engineering buildings during summer

Alabama testing materials to create buildings that better withstand earthquakes

Researchers at the University of Alabama are testing whether tall, wood-framed buildings built with a hybrid technique that combines conventional construction materials and a newer material called cross-laminated timbers can...

A view of the Engineering buildings during summer

UA engineers build structure that could survive a natural disaster

A building has now been made to survive the impact of an earthquake, and possibly a hurricane. UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA engineers built a two-story structure to stand strong in the wake of...

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