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  • 261 Hardaway Hall
  • Phone (205) 348-1708
  • Fax (205) 348-0783
  • Email
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Dr. Yunyang Ye

Assistant Professor


  • 261 Hardaway Hall
  • phone (205) 348-1708
  • fax (205) 348-0783
  • Email


  • Ph.D., Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, 2019
  • M.E., Power Engineering (HVAC), Tongji University, 2016
  • B.E., Building Environment and Facilities Engineering, Tongji University, 2013

Dr. Yunyang Ye joined the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2023. His research interest is sustainable buildings at different scales to support future building energy policy and design and operation. He has already published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles. Before joining UA, Dr. Yunyang Ye was a research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). As the principal investigator, he led his team studying urban-scale electrification with distributed energy resources. He has plenty of mentoring experience and close connections with national laboratories (e.g., PNNL, ORNL, NREL, and LBNL) and universities (e.g., Penn State and Georgia Tech).

Affiliated Areas
Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Selected Publications

  • Ye, Y., Faulkner, C., Xu, R., Huang, S., Liu, Y., Vrabie, D., Zhang, J., Zuo, W., “System Modeling for Grid-Interactive Efficient Building Applications,” Journal of Building Engineering. 69, pp. 106148, (2023)
  • Lou, Y., Yang, Y., Ye, Y., He, C., Zuo, W., “The Economic Impacts of Carbon Emission Trading Scheme on Building Retrofits: A Case Study with US Medium Office Buildings,” Building and Environment. 221, pp. 109311, (2022)
  • Ye, Y., Strong, M., Lou, Y., Faulkner, C., Zuo, W., Upadhyaya, S., “Evaluating Performance of Different Generative Adversarial Networks for Large-Scale Building Power Demand Prediction,” Energy and Buildings. 269, pp. 112247, (2022)
  • Ye, Y., Chen, Y., Zhang, J., Pang, Z., O’Neill, Z., Dong, B., Cheng, H., “Energy-Saving Potential Evaluation for Primary Schools with Occupant-Centric Controls,” Applied Energy. 293, pp. 116854, (2021)
  • Ye, Y., Hinkelman, K., Lou, Y., Zuo, W., Wang, G., Zhang, J., “Evaluating the Energy Impact Potential of Energy Efficiency Measures for Retrofit Applications: A Case Study with U.S. Medium Office Buildings,” Building Simulation. 14, pp. 1377-1393, (2021)

Awards and Honors

  • 2022 ASHRAE Homer Addams Award
  • Reviewer’s Recognition: 2021 Reviewers of the Year from the Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

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