Steel Day

On behalf of the department of metallurgical and materials engineering, you are invited to attend Virtual Steel Day.

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Steel Day will be held Feb. 23, virtually, from 1–4 p.m. This event intends to create more awareness about steel and steel-related industries among students so that all are able to appreciate the impact steel-related industries have on our society and how they can become a part of the success stories created by the steel industry.

Registration for Virtual Steel Day is open to all engineering students and those interested in the engineering field.


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Participating Companies

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How to Attend

Steel Day Event Link

Hopin attendee link will be sent to all who register for the event in Qualtrics.


You have to claim a ticket to continue the registration process. Once you claim a ticket, be sure to sign up for a Hopin account if you haven’t done that before. You’ll be redirected to the Sign up page to get started.

Explore Industry Booths

Once you’re logged in, you’ll find the Steel Day event link in your account. Follow that to open the virtual event and see all of the steel industry booths available!

Having trouble? Try Hopin’s support page or see the video below!

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Video Conferencing Etiquette

Remember, microphones can pick up minor background noises and this can annoy and distract other participants in the video conference, so mute your-self whenever you’re not talking.

Arrive a few minutes earlier for your video conference to make sure your internet connection, camera, and microphone are working properly before the video conference starts. This should be standard with all meetings, whether online or not, but keep in mind that being late to a video conference is more visible.

Dress in something that would be appropriate as if you were attending a face-to-face meeting, or at least have a professional top on (even if you’re wearing your pajama pants, just make sure you don’t get up during the conference).

Try not to do any other work, send emails, read articles, eat, or check your phone. Stay focused and pay attention to whoever is speaking.

Bad lighting conditions can affect the overall quality of the video conference, so experiment and see what light source positioning works best for you. Try to prevent having light coming from behind you.

When you’re on video, make sure your frame your camera in a way that feels natural and allows you to look at the camera.

Remember, your surroundings are also on camera! Avoid sitting in a messy room, or in a room with visual stimuli, as this can be distracting to others. If background distractions are unavoidable, consider using a virtual background.

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