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Research is a critical component of our mission as the flagship university in this state, and the College of Engineering is working to increase research support.

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One of the first five universities to offer engineering instruction in the nation, The University of Alabama has more than 175 years of engineering education experience. Today’s College of Engineering is large enough to offer academic diversity and challenge, yet small enough to ensure personal attention and excellent instruction.


Our college has the best undergrad engineering experience you can find, from student orgs to hands on research.


See how Engineering excels by offering a variety of cutting edge research and award winning faculty to learn from.


Four year merit-based scholarship packages are available for incoming Engineering freshmen.


Engineering features a wide variety of nationally-accredited programs, affording students the flexibility to shape their academic goals to suit developing interests. Students may choose academic programs in the following departments.

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We Are Driving Innovation

As part of the flagship university in Alabama, research is a critical component of our mission and the College of Engineering is always working to increase research support for our faculty and invest in new facilities and equipment. Come see how the college is leading the way towards a better future through engineering.


Over 300 of the best faculty and staff.


Research is a critical component of our mission.


We’re making a hands-on difference.

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College of Engineering to Host National 2023 Robotic Mining Challenge

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The University of Alabama College of Engineering will host 24 university teams from across the nation for the Robotic Mining Challenge May 22-26.

UA Partners with Air Force to Explore Space Innovation

Researchers at The University of Alabama are exploring how a single spacecraft could service several satellites orbiting the Earth in one trip, potentially extending the mission of the satellites.

New Microscopes to Position UA as Leader in Materials Characterization

A suite of new instruments focused on understanding materials will give The University of Alabama an elite platform to offer solutions to perplexing challenges while expanding opportunities for students to participate in cutting-edge research and enhanced classroom instruction.

New MRI Research Facility at UA Ready for Transformative Research

The next breakthrough in human development and health research could come from The University of Alabama.

Concrete Canoe

The ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) challenges students to use a well-known and widely used material, concrete, for an innovative and unexpected purpose: to create a functional water vessel.

According to Armen Amirkhanian, assistant professor for civil, construction and environmental engineering and advisor for The University of Alabama’s Concrete Canoe team, students must look outside textbooks and classrooms to solve the unique challenge of making something as heavy as concrete float in water.

To do this, the team utilizes advanced calculations and 3-D models to identify the most promising designs. They then frame and shape the hull by hand using plywood and cover it with a carefully crafted concrete/substrate mixture they create to comply with current competition year requirements. Start to finish, the process currently takes about seven months. The result is a 20 to 22-foot-long vessel weighing between 200- and 400-pounds capable racing in a body of water while holding up to four highly motivated and furiously paddling students.

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