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Picture of Jill Westerlund

Jill Westerlund

Instructor, Computer Science

284 Hardaway Hall   /   (205) 348-1658   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Kevin W. Whitaker

Dr. Kevin W. Whitaker

Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

N/A   /   (205) 348-4893   /   Send email

Picture of Tyler White

Tyler White

Academic Advisor I, Engineering Student Services

Advising Areas

Chemical & Biological Engineering (all)

2087 H.M. Comer   /   (205) 348-0750   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. John M. Wiest

Dr. John M. Wiest

Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Research Areas

2035 NERC   /   (205) 348-1727   /   Send email

Picture of Mary Wilcox

Mary Wilcox

Executive Secretary, Dean’s Office

3008 H.M. Comer   /   (205) 348-6405   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Keith A. Williams

Dr. Keith A. Williams

Associate Professor, Distance Learning Education Coordinator, Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies, Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas

3017 SERC   /   (205) 348-2605   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Derek G. Williamson

Dr. Derek G. Williamson

Associate Professor, Departmental Undergraduate Program Director, Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, Dean’s Office

Research Areas

2068 H.M. Comer   /   (205) 348-9931   /   Send email

Picture of James Wilson

James Wilson

Director of Development, External Affairs & Development

1105N Bevill   /   (205) 348-7594   /   Send email

Photo of Jean Wisdom not available.

Jean Wisdom

Safety Consultant, Safe State OSHA Consultation Program, UA Safe State

N/A   /   (205) 348-8569   /   Send email

Photo of Glen Womack not available.

Glen Womack

Director Systems and Infrastructure, Center for Advanced Public Safety

2154 Cyber Hall   /   (205) 348-7061   /   Send email

Picture of Brinkley Wood

Brinkley Wood

Assistant Director of External Affairs, External Affairs & Development

3047 H.M. Comer Hall   /   (205) 348-2452   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Keith Woodbury

Dr. Keith Woodbury

Professor Emeritus, Alabama Industrial Assessment Center, Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas

259 Hardaway Hall   /   (205) 348-1647   /   Send email

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