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Picture of Dr. Hongsheng He

Dr. Hongsheng He

Associate Professor

Research Areas

3010 Cyber Hall   /   (205) 348-6321   /   Send email

Photo of Zachary Head not available.

Zachary Head

Software Scientist III

Cyber Hall   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Clifford L. Henderson

Dr. Clifford L. Henderson

Dean for the College of Engineering, Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering

Research Areas

3011 H.M. Comer   /   (205) 348-6405   /   Send email

Photo of Todd Hester not available.

Todd Hester

Program Coordinator/Field Manager

1105L Bevill   /   (205) 348-4342   /   Send email

Picture of Rhonda Hester

Rhonda Hester

Environmental Program Specialist, Safe State Environmental Programs

N/A   /   (205) 348-4829   /   Send email

Photo of Dr. Alton Highsmith not available.

Dr. Alton Highsmith

Associate Research Scientist

1017 North Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-9056   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Lawrence Hill

Dr. Lawrence Hill

Senior Research Engineer

162 Paty Hall   /   Send email

Picture of Matt Hollub

Matt Hollub

Safe State OSHA Consultation Program

N/A   /   (205) 348-8259   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Xiaoyan Hong

Dr. Xiaoyan Hong

Associate Professor

Research Areas

3058 Cyber Hall   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Yang-Ki Hong

Dr. Yang-Ki Hong

E. A. Larry Drummond Endowed Chair of Computer Engineering

Research Areas

2009 NERC   /   (205) 348-7268   /   Send email   /   Visit Website

Picture of Dr. Fei Hu

Dr. Fei Hu


Research Areas

3014 SERC   /   (205) 348-1436   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Chongze Hu

Dr. Chongze Hu

Assistant Professor

Research Areas

1021 North Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-4229   /   Send email

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