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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Picture of Dr. Sushma Kotru

Dr. Sushma Kotru

Associate Professor

Research Areas

2034 NERC   /   (205) 348-7235   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Patrick Kung

Dr. Patrick Kung

Associate Professor, Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Programs

Research Areas

2032 NERC   /   (205) 348-1764   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Andrew Lemmon

Dr. Andrew Lemmon

Associate Professor, Departmental Graduate Program Director

Research Areas

3029-F SERC   /   (205) 348-2747   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Shuhui Li

Dr. Shuhui Li

Associate Professor

Research Areas

3029-B South Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-9085   /   Send email   /   Visit Website

Picture of Dr. Sara Neshani

Dr. Sara Neshani

Assistant Professor

Research Areas

1103F Bevill   /   (205) 348-5760   /   Send email

Photo of Dr. Sharlene D. Newman not available.

Dr. Sharlene D. Newman

Executive Director for the Alabama Life Research Institute

N/A   /   (205) 348-5315   /   Send email

Photo of Dr. Mehdi Rahmani-Andebili not available.

Dr. Mehdi Rahmani-Andebili

Assistant Professor

Research Areas

South Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-9777   /   Send email   /   Visit Website

Picture of Dr. Kenneth G. Ricks

Dr. Kenneth G. Ricks

Professor, Interim Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head

Research Areas

3010 SERC   /   (205) 348-9777   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Edward Sazonov

Dr. Edward Sazonov

Cudworth Professor of Engineering, Associate Department Head for Graduate Programs

Research Areas

3029E South Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-1981   /   Send email

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