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Picture of Dr. Thang N. Dao

Dr. Thang N. Dao

Associate Professor, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Research Areas

2037E SERC   /   (205) 348-0726   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Keivan Davami

Dr. Keivan Davami

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas

1009 NERC   /   (205) 348-2369   /   Send email   /   Visit Website

Photo of Beth Davis not available.

Beth Davis

Accountant II, Center for Advanced Public Safety

2104 Cyber   /   (205) 348-6999   /   Send email

Picture of Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Associate Manager CAPS Product Line, Center for Advanced Public Safety

1066 Cyber   /   (205) 348-4735   /   Send email

Picture of Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis

Academic Advisor, Engineering Student Services

Advising Areas


2087 H.M. Comer   /   Send email

Picture of Bonnie Dean

Bonnie Dean

Program Assistant, Safe State Environmental Programs, UA Safe State

N/A   /   (205) 348-8564   /   Send email

Photo of Shelly Dempsey not available.

Shelly Dempsey

Student Service Coordinator, Electrical and Computer Engineering

3047 H.M. Comer   /   (205) 348-3218   /   Send email

Picture of Lisa DeWoody

Lisa DeWoody

Accounting Assistant III, Mechanical Engineering

3072 South Engineering Research Center   /   (205) 348-6341   /   Send email

Picture of Lynsey Dill

Lynsey Dill

Career Consultant, Engineering Career Development Center

2004 H.M. Comer   /   (205) 348-5687   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Brandon Dixon

Dr. Brandon Dixon

Associate Professor, Center for Advanced Public Safety, Computer Science

Research Areas

2108 Cyber   /   (205) 348-0597   /   Send email

Picture of Leslie Dixon

Leslie Dixon

Instructor, Computer Science

284 Hardaway   /   (205) 348-1663   /   Send email

Picture of Dr. Rajiv Doreswamy

Dr. Rajiv Doreswamy

Director, Space Technology and Engineering Research, Dean’s Office, Office of Associate Dean of Research and Economic Development

Research Areas

1105L Bevill   /   (205) 348-4997   /   Send email

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