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College of Engineering

Digital Signage Submission Rules

Send all digital signage requests to

Specify the date you would like the slide to begin running and the date you would like it removed from the screens.

Submit all slides in a 16:9 ratio. This is the size of a PowerPoint slide. Design programs such as Canva and Adobe come with pre-sized 16:9 templates you can use.

Only submit graphics in a PNG or JPG file format. All other formats are not accepted by the TV system.

Use the official logos for the college and/or individual departments on all images. If you need a copy of an official logo, please email Anna Claire Toxey at to request it.

Use limited text. Slides only run for nine seconds at a time, so they should be formatted in a way that individuals can read them quickly.

Include QR codes rather than typing out websites/URLs when possible. Please make sure all QR codes are active and working properly before submitting your slide.

Please try to adhere to UA brand guidelines when possible. Details regarding UA brand standards such as colors, fonts, etc. can be found here:

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