Approximately 20 top freshmen for each fall semester are selected through an invitation only process dependent upon each candidate’s GPA (4.0+ high school GPA) and ACT/SAT scores (between 32 and 36). Candidates are required to be either National Merit or Presidential Scholars and a member of the Honors College to be considered eligible for an invitation. Candidates will be selected from the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Computer Science and Material Science faculties.


In February and March, before fall classes begin at UA, about 100 qualified incoming freshmen will receive an invitation to submit a one-page essay to explain their interest in joining the program. Out of these 100 students, the top 20 candidates will be selected.  Selection criteria include the candidate’s passion and motivation for joining the program, prior German-language knowledge and willingness to commit to spending their junior year abroad in Germany.


Students will be expected to be committed to a rigorous academic schedule and to maintaining a minimum 3.75 cumulative earned GPA while at UA. Students need to finish their German B1 exams at Portland and pass with 70% points in each of the four tested disciplines.  Students also need to achieve a grade of B+/C- in both the mid-term and final exams in Dr. Balasubramanian’s German taught automotive engineering class.  Students are also expected to be committed to spending their junior year abroad in Germany, studying and working in German.